Thursday, February 4, 2010


I actually missed blogging!

I actually missed blogging?!

Yes, this is the same person who posted a blog love/hate/love post about how much time blogging took up when she wanted to be out shooting photographs. I don't think I was abducted by aliens during the night, and I haven't had any strange phone calls or appearances from Mulder and Scully. I haven't been blogging as much because I've been scheduling vendor meetings and designing marketing materials and doing other things to keep me and the business. But it was as I was reading someone else's blog that I felt a little bit of a twinge.

"Hmm," I thought. "I haven't written anything on the blog for a while."

I'm trying to compose a longer blog about the importance of family photos and why they are not a luxury, so that's been rattling around in my brain (and believe me, I'm sure that idea's bumping into a lot of other things). So I said I wouldn't post until I'd formulated what I wanted to say.

But I gotta admit. I missed you guys!

(You are out there, right? Or is my blog Wilson to my female version of Tom Hanks in that castaway movie?)

I think this might be a breakthrough moment on how I stopped worrying, and learned to love the blog.


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