Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog Love/Hate/Love....

There are times with my blog that I think it's the best thing since a PB&J sandwich on sliced bread. Then there are other times when I feel like Cinderella did just after her evil stepsisters got ahold of the dress she made to go to the ball, especially when I look at other people's blogs. (We all know she got a better dress via fairytale intervention, but I don't know if that's going to happen here.)

What makes a good blog? I'm still trying to answer that question for myself, especially since (I am told) I need it to direct traffic to my website and thus increase my business. Business has changed so much in the wake of new technologies and with the change of not only a new decade and century, but a new millennium. Back in the day, it was important to have a business card that grabbed your client's attention; now, not only do you have to have a business card, you need a website, a blog, a Twitter page and a Facebook page. As I've whined about on here before (yes, I went there!), it seems like I spend so much time on the computer that I have to remember when the hell I put the camera.

So hmmm.... How do I become the Bodisadvat of blogging? (Now we're up to two questions I have to answer!) I think, in an effort to answer those things for myself, I have to get to a place where blogging ceomes second nature to me. Like it is with any type of writing, you have to force yourself to do it every day. I have to look for things that not only interest me, but things that just may be an interest to others and the people who stumble upon my blog. It's like that with my photography. I need to do it as much as I can, and always ask the question, "what makes this photo interesting?"  Plus there are the automated, technical functions that I can do to make my blogging tasks a little easier like writing as much as I can in advance, schedule my blogs and the time for writing them so that they appear when I'm out on a shoot or with a potential client.

So I'm working on it, and like everything in my life over the last thirty months, it's a constant change and a constant effort. My blog, like my life, is a work in progress. Hopefully both will be something that I can point to with some sense of pride and accomplishment someday.


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