Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yet another retro post, mainly because I'm blogging my little fingers to the bone! :-)



Today is chore day. Not only do I have house cleaning to do, I have things I need to do connected to the business. I try to keep up with things and do a bit here and there in both, but I find you really need to have a day where everything gets done. If you don't you're looking at one hot mess later on.

When I began the business, I spent a lot of time trying to lay down a good foundation. Of course, I had to decide whether  to be a Sole Proprietor, LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), or a corporation in general. I had to set up my website, Twitter, and Facebook. I had to begin a blog. And, oh yeah - there's the shopping for office supplies like accordion files for receipts, a calculator that figures out tax, file folders, etc. (Yes, I was the kid who loved shopping for school supplies. A nice, pink eraser and a box of a dozen number 2 Ticonderoga pencils just waiting to be sharpened made my nerdy little heart skip a beat at the start of each and every school year.)

I remember grumbling that the reason why I started my photography business was ta take photographs, and not to spend my day chained to the desk. UGH!  Thankfully that looks like that's changing.

Except for today, when I need to itemize receipts and clean the house to keep the furbabies happy.


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