Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sign, Signs

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I spent some time last year in San Antonio and traveled to New Waverly/Old Waverly Texas. As I remember, New Waverly is called New Waverly because the town was split in two when the railroad came to town. While I was doing research on the town, I found that there was an old cemetery that probably had some interesting (if not historic) gravestones.

Well, you know me and cemeteries...

In the rental I jumped, having just finished my fashion photo shoot with the cows just up the road.  Apparently the cemetery's a big Texas secret because I drove past it twice. I then realized that the only way I'd be able to get into the cemetery was to scale the fence.

(OK, let me stop laughing long enough to type. I'm barely five feet tall and the fence was about six feet high. That I even considered it means that I'd been out in the sun way too long without a hat.)

Extremely disappointed, I turned the car around to make my way back to the highway when I stumbled upon another smaller cemetery down a side dirt road. And this one looked accessible! I did go in, but the sign almost made me think twice:

Sometimes, the universe is not very subtle.


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