Monday, January 4, 2010

Fill The Boot

Everything old is new again! I'm transferring this post from my original blog because supporting your local volunteer fire department is always important and bears repeating. So, enjoy!

The original date of this post was October 17, 2009.

Where has the time gone? I realize that it's been almost a month since my last blog post. I wish I could say most of that time was taken up with photo shoots, but again I had busywork to do. The recent task was calibrating my monitor. I did, however, get to shoot some very special images on Saturday, October 10. I was honored to be able to donate a piece and participate in a charity auction for the Kendall Park, NJ, Volunteer Fired Department.

The auction was in memory of a volunteer firefighter and organized by her sister. Meredith's sister gave countless hours of her time, dedication and devotion to the fire department and to the community at large both as a firefighter and an EMT, and although it was a sudden illness that took her far too soon and far too young, Meredith's big sis did what many don't have the courage to do. She, like all fire fighters, policemen, and EMTs, was one of the ones who ran in when most were running out. All the time, every time.

The thing that is so remarkable, especially in the case of this fire department and others like it in other towns and communities, is that these men and women volunteer to put themselves in danger to save other people's lives. And it's important to remember that even though these brave people volunteer to protect people they don't eve know; the equipment and other things necessary to do their job and to keep them safe isn't free. Volunteer fire departments are charitable organizations who literally rely on the kindness of the strangers they protect to operate.

Thank you, the men and women of the Kendall Park, NJ Volunteer Fire Department, for allowing me to share these images with people who read this blog. Thank you, Meredith, for letting me be a small part of the wonderful tribute you held in your sister's memory. I know you'd rather have her here, but I have no doubt that she's very proud of you. And thank you, Kendall Park Volunteer Fire Department and your sister and brother fire fighters everywhere for keeping us safe.

And, Gentle Reader (as the saying goes), the next time you walk past a fire station, don't forget to fill the boot.




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