Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Plural of Moose

(Trust me; you're gonna get a kick out of this when you find out!)

I've been to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, ME, twice now. (Hmm... Lobster Bisque for lunch sounds good right about now, but I digress.) I went on my first visit to Maine late last Spring shortly before I was scheduled for surgery. I'd never been, and if something happened on the operating table, I didn't want my last thought to be when my husband came to get me, "you know, I never made it up Maine." Believe me, not that that would have kept me from crossing over, but really - why have regrets?

I got the feeling that it had been a particularly long winter when I got up there. The people on the island were lovely and (very) friendly, but I did get the sense of , "THANK GOD IT'S SOMEBODY WHO DOESN'T LIVE ON THE ISLAND!!" I went off season and timed my trip so that I was there shortly before Memorial Day when the rates were cheaper.

I have to tell you, if Acadia National Park isn't on the list of place to see before you buy the farm, it should be.  I can't tell you how beautiful it is, so I'm hoping my pictures will give you some idea:

Oh, and here's the payoff for the title of this post. The plural of moose is (wait for it!) MOOSE! I discovered this on my second visit in the Fall. (Yes, I already knew that!) There is a moose sightseeing tour in Bar Harbor that felt it was important for everybody to know that. That had me tickled for days.


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