Sunday, January 17, 2010

Indiana Wants Me....

....But I can't go back there. Well, not without having to drive one hell of a damn long way to get there.

I drove out to St. Louis in the Fall to do a family photo shot for a college friend. I've toyed with the idea of driving across America, maybe by taking Route 66 - I haven't really figured out how exactly I'd do that. It was a 17 hour+ trip out to the Midwest, and on my way back, I saw a sign for Cataract Falls as I traveled through Indiana. I made a note to stop there on my way back home, and actually remembered! YAY ME!

So of course the day I was in the area, it decided to rain. (Actually I brought the rain with me. It followed me from Missouri much like the cloud that follows Pig Pen.)

The thing with doing landscape photography is that you're pretty much at the mercy of Mother Nature. You have to protect yourself and your equipment from the elements. That really awesome shot can sometimes come about because you had to slog through mud up to your neck to get to it. But as I've said before, sometimes even though you can see  the shot, it doesn't mean that you can actually get to it.

I also discovered white cheese Tex Mex in the Midwest. Yes, it is just as scary as it sounds.


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